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Have you ever chased a dream?

There are several asthmatic cyclists at the beginning of their cycling career, training those lungs to race in the ride of their young adult dreams. Many young asthmatic cyclist dream of winning the National Championship or participating in the Tour de l’Abitibi, the Tour de France for junior cyclists. This summer offers a large pool of opportunity, but the opportunity does not come without cost.

Our governing body, USA Cycling, has what it calls a “development pipeline”. The pipeline can take American riders from the local level all the way to the World Championships. The first phase concerns getting good local race results, which allow riders the opportunity to attend regional camps. Regional camps, in addition to being instructive and fun, create a massive testing pool for the top riders to be selected. The top riders out of the testing pool can receive the following opportunities:

  • An invitation to the National Development Camp, which selects riders for the following year’s national team.
  • A European race camp for riders aged 15-16. It is a larger-than-life experience in the “Mecca” of cycling (Belgium), but it costs several thousand dollars.
  • An entry into the Tour de L’Abitibi, a 6 day stage race in Quebec. L’Abitibi has been the springboard for many great riders, including Bobby Julich and Tyler Farrar. This opportunity comes from the USA Cycling Road Selection Camp (June 8-13). Selection Camp costs $800, and the travel expenditures for getting up to Quebec are in the thousands.

In addition to Camps, there is also Nationals. Junior nationals is in June this year. For the 17-18 category, automatic qualification into the World Championships is up for grabs. The winner of the National Time Trial and the winner of the National Road Race get this opportunity. The cost of getting to Nationals is significant. It is nearly impossible for a rider to participate in camp, Nationals, and L’Abitibi without financial support.

Please join The Winded Foundation and help sponsor young developing riders live their dream.

Your generous donations can help asthmatic cyclist attend in the summer 2013:

  • USA Cycling Road Selection Camp, Flagstaff AZ (June)
  • Nationals, Augusta, GA (June)
  • Tour de l’Abitibi, Quebec, Canada (July)
  • USA Cycling Regional Development camp, Flagstaff AZ (July)

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