Criterium at DC Ranch

We managed the heat in one of our last crits of the year. The first races of the day were run at a balmy 80 degrees, a slight foreshadowing of  the high temperatures that would follow. 6 riders represented Team Winded, coming away with a mixed amount of success and disappointment. Clayton entered the junior race. Outnumbered 4 to 1 by Landis, he would have to be very careful. Brandon and Lance, the two favorites from Landis, made a well-timed … [Read more...]

Tour of the Gila and South Mountain TT

The Tour of the Gila is the longest and arguably most difficult stage race in the West. Categories 1-3 complete race for 5 brutal days, which include three road races, a time trial, and a crit. Uphill finishes dictate the results of the first and last road races, although "uphill" is quite the understatement.  They are essentially mountaintop finishes, coming after 100 kilometers of hard racing. Scotty (Cat 3), John (Cat 1/2), and Braden (Cat … [Read more...]

Sea Otter Classic

Our team made its second trip to Monterey and returned with memories of success, humility, and camaraderie. We competed in multiple racing disciplines (Road [criterium, circuit race, road race], Cyclocross, Mountain Bike) and in multiple age groups (Jr. 15-16, Jr. 17-18, Cat 4, Cat 3, Pro 1/2, Cat 1 MTB 15-16, Pro MTB). Our junior road racers found the circuit race and road race to be quite difficult. Scotty finished 26th and 24th, respectively, … [Read more...]

AZ State Criterium Championship- Day 1

The age-based crit championship gave us a splendid opportunity to bring awareness to the Foundation. Team Winded and Bicycle Haus were the title sponsors, and our riders and team parents volunteered in different services. That's just the first aspect of teamwork and we showed on Saturday. The ladies of Team Winded began our day. Catherine and Louisa finished 2nd and 3rd in the Masters 45-49 category. Catherine had done her best to attack the … [Read more...]

Weekend of April 5

The weekend was heavily stacked with racing opportunities- 4 in total. The El Tour Criterium on Friday night, the Tour de Mesa and the Tolero Crit on Saturday, and the Focus GP on Sunday. The El Tour Criterium offered the unique experience of racing through downtown Mesa at night. Our weekend got off on the wrong foot, as Austin Crosby's race was put in jeopardy. His beautiful Argon 18 Gallium Pro bike was stolen. It doesn't get much worse … [Read more...]

San Dimas Stage Race and Mesa Race Weekend

Stage 1 was a 7km uphill time trial. The day began with Thomas and Braden (Cat 4), who are not climbers by nature. They got by just fine, with Thomas taking 45th out of 102. Next were the Cat 3s. Jake finished 31st (18:14), while Dominic, Stephen, and Ryan finished in the back half. Stephen was still recovering from a fever that irked him during the prior week. The combination of diminished form and a stacked field made the weekend tough for … [Read more...]

Tucson Bicycle Classic

Team Winded took a trip to the Dirty-T for one of the state's biggest races. Approximately 500 racers competed in the stage race, with Winded registering 14 riders. The majority of our riders did the senior categories; it was the first senior stage race for some of our juniors. Everyone enjoyed a radical weekend, which continually improved. The short prologue brought pain to many people. Pacing was vital to success, in light of how many riders … [Read more...]

Colossal Cave Omnium, Presidio Crit, and South Mount Bicycle Classic

Orange, black, and turquoise were well-represented on the weekends of March 2 and 9. The bulk of our team raced at the Colossal Cave Omnium and the South Mountain Bicycle Classic. They enjoyed good results and a fun time. COLOSSAL CAVE OMNIUM Junior Women 15-18 Mary and Hailey competed in the 15-18 aged criterium category. In a hard race, Mary took 3rd, and Hailey took 5th. Jacey entered the road race, and took the victory! We're all … [Read more...]

Not So Underground and Avondale Criteriums

The age of apprehension has ended. For the next several months, our weekends will be dominated by racing. Stories will be made. Legends will arise. Races will be won. Hills will be climbed. Sprints will be contested. You get the idea. On the weekend of January 19, Team Winded lined up at the Not So Underground Criterium (Saturday) and the Avondale Criterium (Sunday). Both events enjoyed a solid racer and spectator turnout. We had fun. Let's … [Read more...]

Tour de L’Abitibi 2012

After two months I've finally gotten around to recapping the it. Thankfully, L'Abitibi does a great job of permeating social media to keep people informed. Here is our recap, particularly angled on Scott Ford, his team, and the USAC Selection B team we sponsored.  We was blessed to have a such large presence and platform, and we thank those who made it possible, particularly Barney King and the staff at the Flagstaff selection camp. Scotty was … [Read more...]