Valley of the Sun Road Race

Hot, windy, and carnage-ridden. That sums up today. It was a battle of attrition in most races. Of course, the main story of the day was the violent crash in the Pro 1 race. Several riders made a violent collision with a car today. Charles Matte and Danny Eaton, in particular, suffered devastating injuries. Many other riders who did not receive as much attention were also involved in the accident. To skip right to the recounting of the day’s results would be just wrong. We will be praying for them and thinking about them tonight, tomorrow, and in many coming days.

So, regarding the results. Austin’s and Dorian’s 15-16 race found itself absolutely decimated. A five man breakaway won the day, ahead of two chase groups and many stragglers. Austin finished 29th, and Dorian finished 33rd, both moving up several spots on GC.

The 17-18s were the last field to start. Slipstream was in ownership of the yellow jersey, and many teams, including Winded, were trying to change that.

Thomas went off on a solo move, and his gap grew to over a minute. Josh did some blocking for him, but the pack closed the gap. A sprint finish decided the race, and Joseph finished 7th, followed by Stephen in 12th and Josh in 25th. Not much GC shifting occurred.

Tomorrow is a crit in downtown Phoenix. It’s gonna be fast!