Avondale Criterium #2

Well, it looks like we still haven’t gotten over our rough patch. The Avondale Crit was enjoyable yet disappointing to many of our riders. A great part of the day was giving the new Argon 18 Galliums their first test. The bikes are beautiful.

In the dark hours, the juniors huddled together at the start line. Joseph, Stephen, Dorian, and Austin represented our colors. Joseph and Stephen formed the winning move with Nick Thorpe and Taylor Skinner. Stephen’s saddle loosened and slipped down a couple centimeters, and he found himself in a new level of senseless suffering. Taylor made a sweet attack, opening up an insurmountable gap on Joseph and Nick, as Stephen fell back. Joseph finished 2nd, with Dorian, Austin, and Stephen finishing in the pack.

Stephen raced the Cat 2/3s. He raced well, but he didn’t expect the last lap to occur when it did. The day didn’t go well for Stephen, but rest assured, it certainly has him fired up for his next race.

Austin, Dorian, and Thomas were met with frustration in the Cat 4/5s. Austin went down with about 7 laps to go. He was virtually uninjured; it was just one of those crashes that takes you out of contention and makes you upset at yourself. Thomas took a pack finish, and Dorian finished a bit off the back. These crits don’t necessarily favor Thomas or Dorian. I suspect they will enjoy the upcoming Tucson Bicycle Classic.

Joseph raced with the 1/2s and was quite the sparkplug. To his disappointment he missed the winning break, but he fought valiantly. Ultimately, he came away with a mere pack finish and more insight on how to make the break next time.

Scott Ford made his comeback today. He didn’t look a touch out of stride in the Cat 3/4s. He was positioned in the top 10 for most of the race, but he didn’t factor into the final sprint. It was clear that he had the engine, but the last lap was elusive to many of our riders today.

All in all, it wasn’t the best day result-wise. However, we must put it into perspective and set our sights on our next big goal: the  Tucson Bicycle Classic. The prologue starts Friday.